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Hot Sale Backpacking Camping Bushcraft Magnesium Fire Lighter

  • This flint is essential and easy to light fire at any weather and altitude.
  • Weighs 29g which is very lightweight and can be used as a emergency kit.
  • No need matches or lighters,you can get the flame started with dry tinder easy with Magnesium stick.
Model FMS-709 Material Magnesium & stainless steel
Size 20×11×80mm Weight 29g

– The flint spark can reach 3000℃ which is very easy to light the fire at any weather or altitude.

– Made of magnesium alloy, it’s compact and convenient for camping and emergency use.

– Use the steel plate scratch the magnesium rod to get fire, it is quite reliable in all weather conditions and situations.

– The ferro-nickel rod is waterproof and can be used to light the stove when it has no ignition.

– It’s perfect for traditional alcohol stoves,wood stoves, bonfire, BBQ or your camp kitchen when you go outdoors.

description of Hot Sale Backpacking Camping Bushcraft Magnesium Fire Lighter
details of Hot Sale Backpacking Camping Bushcraft Magnesium Fire Lighter

Use the scraper to shave the magnesium rods quickly to generate the spark,make sure the spark is close to your combustible material to light fire.

Yes,it is ,the magnesium fire starter stick and the stainless steel plate is waterproof.

You can use at any weather and any altitude,because its spark can reach 3000℃,so it’s very easy to light the fire.

The magnesium rod is thick enough for you to use in a long time.

It is packed into a PP bag with a card,so the size is very small and you can carry out to everywhere in your pocket.
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