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For over 22 years, Deermaple has led the camping equipment industry with unparalleled research and development. Our outdoor cookware and camping stoves are unmatched in quality, and we ensure a hassle-free experience without the need for rework. Trust us for all your camping gear needs and experience the best products and services available.

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Deermaple streamlines your camping equipment operations with flexibility and reliability. We handle any manufacturing hurdles, large or small volume orders, and special projects. Trust us for exceptional results.
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Camping Stove Workshop

Camping Stove Workshop

Equipped with 6 automatic CNC machines to produce the camping stove valve and gas tube parts. 3 continuously punching machines and laser cutting machines to enhance the best production accuracy. 1 pressure testing machine for testing the camping stove air leakage before assembling.All our camping stove are CE and UKCA approved.

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Cookware Workshop

Cookware Workshop

Equipped with 1 fully automatic and 5 semi-automatic production line, Deermaple produce durable and lightweight cookware for hiking, fishing, camping, and home gatherings. The versatile cookware sets cater to most outdoor expeditions.

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Folding Furniture Workshop

Folding Furniture Workshop

Since 2010, our folding furniture workshop has provided clients with high-end camping chairs, folding tables, cabinets and etc by investing in bending machines, punching machines and sewing machines. The independent development team is consist of 37 engineers with a decade of expertise in the field. We hold ourselves accountable for quality assurance through carefully examining each item's structure accuracy and stability.

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Hardware Production Workshop

Hardware Production Workshop

Our hardware production workshop has 80 workers, enabling us to produce up to 100,000 units per month. To enhance product quality and precision, we invested in more cutting, stamping, punching, and welding machines in 2018, so that our skilled mold technicians are able to create BBQ grills and wood stoves that meet diverse market needs.

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Hardware Production Workshop

About the factory

Deermaple has engaged in producing camping cookware and backpacking stoves since 2001. With 45,000 m² workshop and 4 modern automatic production lines, monthly capacity reach 300,000 units. Our factory have got ISO9001 & BSCI audit. Innovation is the engine to guide our R&D team to create more professional gear. Fast lead time and full inspection are what we commit to our clients.

We Are All Certified

Why Choose Deermaple As Your Manufactureing Partner?

What Sets Us Apart And Why You Should Choose Us As Your Manufacturing Partner.

Fast Manufacturing

We are able to take your product from designing to bulk order production in just one month. Launch your product to market quickly.

Quality Control

ISO standard work practices and processes throughout the Deermaple facility with internationally recognized standards.

Strong R&D Capability

Our team boasts 13 graphic designers and 25 experienced engineers who have secured 49 design patents and 85 appearance design patents. 

Various Product Line

Find everything you need for your outdoor gear business with our 4 main product lines: outdoor cookware, stove, and camping furniture.

Large Volume Order Handling

Our monthly production capacity reaches 200,000 units and more, Your business will never be slowed down by supply chain constraints.

High-grade Metal Processing

We are able to process premium materials like titanium alloy and space aluminum to craft high-end products with exceptional quality and durability.

Powerful Production Capabilities

1 automatic and 5 semi-automatic production lines offering strong production capabilities and efficient, reliable results.

Full IP Security Protection

Access secure production zones within the Deermaple facility protect your interests and provide full IP protection at the source of manufacture.

Ready To Grow Your Business With Us?

Outsourcing manufacturing is always a challenge but we believe the key to resolving all issues is concise and efficient communication. Get in touch for a free consultation.

What We Do

Whether it’s camping stove, other camping equipment, or need help with product development and manufacturing, we are here to help.


Include services such as labeling, custom packaging, and color customization to meet your unique needs.


Include camping stove, cookware, chair, and table design and development. Trust us and experience the best services available.

The One-stop Solution Your Need

Deermaple possesses the necessary resources to complete the entire product creation process, including design, molding, raw material inspection, assembly, quality control, and logistics. All the help you need is here.
Deermaple one-stop product line solution





Hardware Production Workshop

100% independent molds development

With our 100% independent molds development and large 3D printer, we can bring your ideas to life. Our team consists of 13 skilled graphic designers and 25 experienced engineers who have helped us secure 49 design patents and 85 appearance design patents. Trust us to handle every aspect of your product design, from concept to final product.


How you ensure the product quality?矩形
We have automatic CNC equipment to provide the stove part like stove valve, and all stoves are approval by CE & UKCA.
Can you supply customized branding products?矩形
We welcome customized request on all products, we can change the color, packaging, Logo and even the structure design.
Can you provide samples?矩形
Yes, we can prepare the sample base on your needs.
Can I I add my ideas to the product?矩形

Our designers can provide new product renderings or drawings based on your ideas and requirements.

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