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Ultimate Guide to Camping Stove Griddles: Tips and Recommendations



Cooking outside when camping is one of the most enjoyable methods to prepare a meal. Whether you’re making scrambled eggs and bacon for the morning or hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch or supper, a camping griddle will elevate your cooking experience.

Type of griddle:

Insert griddle

Insert griddles are square, flat cooking surfaces that may be put over a heat source, such as a grill. Insert griddles turn any cooking equipment into a griddle. These are quite popular because they allow the outdoor chef to cook on a different variety of surfaces without spending too much money.

Tabletop griddles

Tabletop Griddles are similar to hotplates. They are compact, light, and portable. Ideal for camping and preparing a fast dinner without creating too much bother or mess. It’s also an excellent tool for preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Breakfast and griddles are a great combination!

Freestanding griddles

A freestanding griddle is a standalone appliance that functions alone. You do not need any additional gadgets to use it. Of course, individuals who desire them have access to an abundance of accessories. It has its heating system, which is often powered by propane or, in certain circumstances, natural gas.

What to know before you buy a camping griddle

A griddle is an excellent method to serve a hot dinner without having to wait for each dish to cook. The large cooking surface lets you prepare a variety of items while keeping them warm. Griddles are designed to make campfire cooking quick and easy, with cleanup requiring only a few quick washdowns.

Determine your budget

The amount of money you’re willing to pay will influence your choice of camping griddle. If you’re on a low budget, a griddle that can be placed directly on a camping stove is your best option. If you’re cooking for a big family, you might want to consider a portable gas griddle or a propane-powered freestanding type.

Consider how much cooking area you need

When buying a camping griddle, consider how much cooking surface you’ll need. Consider the quantity of people you’ll be feeding and if you want a portable or freestanding type. If you are cooking for a big group of people, a freestanding model will be more suitable than a portable one with a smaller cooking area meant to feed only a few people.

Find one that is easy to clean

When camping, one of the most difficult duties is cleaning up after cooking. A camping griddle is one of the simplest methods to avoid spending too much time cleaning, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the outdoors. Avoid selecting a griddle with plates with several spaces, since grease can escape and become difficult to clean.

Grills and griddles, griddles and grills.  what’s the difference?

When researching griddles on the internet, keep in mind that the phrases griddle and grill are sometimes used interchangeably. That is okay. Language may be like that occasionally. However, here are some crucial points to understand about the distinctions between a decent grill and a suitable griddle.

When we visualize a backyard cookout with family and friends, we immediately think of a grill. Steaks and burgers on the grill, fat trickling down and causing small explosions in the flame below. Man, I’m salivating at the prospect. Cooking on a barbecue will give your dish those gorgeous grill marks. Of course, the flames will consume some of your food while you cook. It is what it is. Think of it as a necessary sacrifice to the hungry grill gods.

Griddles vs Grills: How They Standout from Each Other

The fact is that the best option for cooking outdoors is entirely up to the camper’s preferences. They are both unique and spontaneous possibilities for cooking when camping or traveling throughout the nation in your motorhome, and here are some of the reasons:

Heat: This is an important consideration since, as a camper, the heat determines when your food is ready when utilizing a cooking option. Grills create more heat than griddles, therefore they have an advantage. The use of elevated grates to create space between the flames and the cooked meal. However, grills provide enough heat to cook your dish at the appropriate time.

Flexibility: Griddles are more adaptable in terms of design since they allow you to prepare many dishes at the same time. Griddles may be used in the same way as grills since certain griddle designs include a detachable flat top that can be swapped out for grates at any moment.

Food taste: When asked to rank the taste of the identical foods made on a griddle and a grill, grills receive the highest rating. Cooking food on a griddle produces a usual flavour, however, grilling produces a distinct flavour. This is because a grill offers a pleasant charred, smoked flavour to your dish that cannot be missed, especially when used to create bacon or burger.

Cleaning: Cleaning depends on the preferences of the RV holidaymaker or camper. In general, griddles require less time to clean than grills. When cleaning grill grates, make sure to get inside every hinge and joint. Some campers like cleaning grills, but griddles are the best alternative for campers who want a quick clean after cooking.

Camping griddle FAQs

What can you cook on a camping griddle?

  1. Breakfast is one of the most popular meals to cook on a camping griddle. From scrambled eggs and crispy bacon to seared sausage links and expertly cooked pancakes, you can make your Favorite breakfast meals in minutes. For lunch or supper, you can prepare hot dogs, burgers, vegetables, grilled cheese sandwiches, steaks, fish, and poultry.

How do you clean a camping griddle?

  1. Once your food has finished cooking, immediately clean your camping griddle. Scrape away any food remnants on the surface. Griddles may be cleaned in hot water and dried shortly after. Season the bottom of the griddle with olive oil to keep it from rusting while not in use.
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