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How to Maintain and Clean Camping Chair?



It’s difficult to overestimate the value that your best camping chair brings to your travels. The greatest way to relax after a day of traveling is to curl up around the campfire in comfort at night with your Favorite camping blanket on your lap and a delicious beverage in your cup holder. No matter how much you adore roughing it, once you’ve experienced it you can never go back to shivering the night away on a cold, hard rock.

It’s quite simple to simply throw all of your gear in the garage until you’re ready for another car camping trip, but the next time is dirty and inconvenient to have to load up your car with all of your filthy stuff. Even with the occasional spill of food and drink, your camping chair will inevitably gather sand and grime from your outdoor activities. Regular cleaning also helps deter ants from visiting your campsite and makes your chair more comfortable to sit on. Naturally, your washing machine isn’t going to work for this one, but with our instructions on how to clean camping chairs, you can quickly and easily give your seat a makeover.

How to clean camping chairs

  • After your camping excursion, set up your chair in your garage or driveway (or even your bathtub, if that’s where it’s accessible). Then, go buy the following supplies:
    Your vacuum (hand vacuums are excellent in this situation).
    •A dish soap;
  • A hot water basin;
  • An old toothbrush or cleaning brush;
  • A cleaning towel or rag
    Next, put these simple methods to use to restore the original appearance of your camping chair:
  1. Remove any caked dirt 

You should start by getting rid of any hardened sand or dirt clumps. If it’s very caked on, start by giving it a brush scrub before using your vacuum to remove the debris. Ensure that you also get the seat’s underside.

  1. Scrub the chair 

Scrub away after adding a generous spritz of dish soap to your basin of hot water. Use a brush dipped in soapy water to clean the canvas of the seat and chair back if your chair is really dirty. If it only needs a basic clean down, you may put a cloth on the seat and frame.

  1. Wipe it down 

Avoid leaving soap all over your chair. After cleaning it, you may either rinse it out with a hose, obtain a basin of clean water, and either pour it over the chair or wipe it off completely with a towel. Since most camping chairs are waterproof, wetting it shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. Let it dry 

Don’t fold your camping chair away damp to preserve its excellent condition and prevent corrosion. Allow it to air dry for many hours.

  1. Store it properly 

When it’s dry, carefully fold your camp chair and, if it comes with one, put it in its storage bag. Your garage, a closet, or below your bed are good places to store your camping chair as they are cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight. It is advised to disassemble it first if at all feasible to assist avoid rusting if the camping season is coming to a close and you won’t be using it for some time.

Various Other Methods in How To Clean a Camp Chair

Here are the other useful methods you can use in how to clean a camp chair:

An Alcohol Spray

Make sure the alcohol spray won’t discolor or obliterate your color by testing it out on a chair before using this method. Simply apply rubbing alcohol or ethanol spray to the chair’s fabric. Let it dry in the sun after that.

Steam Cleaning

In case you’re wondering how to clean a camp chair, a garment cleaner comes in rather handy. After adding clean water to the cleaner’s chamber, concentrate on the soiled regions. Verify whether the cloth has a temperature rating before attempting it, and don’t exceed it.

This is the best option for chairs with fixed coverings. Steam purges microorganisms and gets rid of dirt from the chair. You will need to work indoors because the steamer requires a power source.

Cleaning with Vinegar

Similar to alcohol, vinegar can be sprinkled on the chair’s surface if mold and mildew start to appear. It is possible to dilute vinegar. After you have covered every area, use a sponge to remove the vinegar from the chair.
Allow the chair to air dry in the sun after cleaning it. Although vinegar has a persistent fragrance, it will eventually fade.

Vacuum-Cleaning the Chair

Surface dirt may be removed using a regular vacuum cleaner. If the dirt on your beach chair is not too stubborn, you can easily vacuum it off. Cover every area with the brush attachment.

How to Clean a Camp Chair with Stubborn Stains

If your lawn chair has stubborn stains, here is what you can do:

Stain Removal with Hydrogen Peroxide

For spills of food, coffee, or tea, hydrogen peroxide works brilliantly. Moreover, it may remove stains from grass and other organic materials. It is odorless and an effective disinfectant.

Baking Soda

Most stains respond nicely to baking soda. All you have to do is dab the area with baking soda and give it a few minutes to rest. Use a brush to clean the stain and a little water sprayed on top.

How to Clean Bird Droppings

If you put off cleaning your camping gear, it will be more difficult to get rid of those stains.
Use a twig to clean as much of the area as you can to remove bird droppings. Once the droppings have softened, spritz the area with water and let it seep into the unclean area. Use soap and water to clean and disinfect. Let it completely dry.


We suggest the Deermaple portable camping chair if you’re looking for the ideal camping chair for yourself. It is quite portable, features a side pocket, and is composed of sturdy material. The simple setup procedure is what we adore most about it.
We really hope that this post assisted you in selecting the best chair cleaning method. The secret is to learn how to properly clean your chair and to never keep it unclean for too long. This is where our post, which explains the simplest method for cleaning a camp chair, comes in.

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