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Best Backpacking Cookware of 2024 with Ultralight Options



We researched and evaluated the most popular camping cooking pots to determine the finest cookware for all types of backpackers. We evaluated cookware based on weight, volume, compactness, and features, ranging from quick and light solo cook pots for thru-hikers to group cooking pots that cross over for automobile camping.

We found the best backpacking cook pots, including alternatives for hikers who prefer titanium, anodized aluminum cookware, stainless steel cooking pots, camping cookware nesting sets, budget selections, and non-stick pans without Teflon. We considered backpacking-specific characteristics such as cooking efficiency, heat dispersion, and, most crucially, lightweight pots. The cookpots we evaluated are better suited to backpacking stoves rather than cooking over a campfire. If you’re searching for a camping stove, check out our guide to the finest ones.


Aluminum Camping Cookware Sauce Pot and Pan for Lightweight Camping

Model Number FMC-232 Material Hard anodize Aluminum
S Pot Size Φ146x75mm S Pot Volume 0.8L
L Pot Size Φ168x98mm L Pot Volume 1.5L
Fry Pan Size Φ174x42mm Weight 622g


  • This essential outdoor camping kitchen set has two pots and one fry pan.
    – Made of hard anodized aluminum, which increases the toughness of the cookware.
    – Weighing only 622g, this dinnerware is lightweight and ideal for camping and hiking.
    – The handle is composed of high-quality stainless steel with a plastic covering, which ensures safety and ease of use when cooking.
    – The handle may simply be locked whether open or folded. It performs consistently when used. The lid knob is T-shaped, which makes it more comfortable to touch.
    – This camping cook set is the greatest choice for campers, hikers, and backpackers, and is suitable for any outdoor trip.



Compact Removable Handle Cook Set for Backpacking

Model Number FMC-229 S Pot Size Φ146x75mm
Material Hard anodize Aluminum L Pot Size Φ168x98mm
Weight 560g Fry Pan Size Φ174x42mm


– The small camping cook set is ideal for a 2–3-person excursion.

– Made of hard anodized aluminum for increased durability and wear resistance. It is LFGB and FDA-approved, indicating that it is quite safe for the human body.

–  A frying pan with a wave shape on the bottom allows for more uniform grilling.

– The pot lifter is universal and detachable, fitting any pot or pan in this portable cooking set. When the handle is linked to the cookware, it can be quickly secured and remains stable during the cooking process.

– It can reduce the weight of the entire set, making your camping vacation more pleasant.


Hard Anodised Aluminum Camping Cookware with Tea Kettle

Model Number FMC-204 Kettle size Φ153x67mm, 0.8L
Fry Pan Size Φ177x37mm, 0.9L Weight 720g
M Pot Size Φ170x90mm, 1.1L Material Hard anodize Aluminum


– This lightweight camping cookware set includes 1 cook pot, 1 tea kettle, and 1 fry pan.

– This compact cookware set is comprised of hard anodized aluminum, which increases its durability and wear resistance.

– The camping pot’s handle is coated with Bakelite to provide insulation. It protects us from high-temperature heating during cooking.

– The handle is foldable, and this cookware set can be packed compactly, saving a lot of room in your backpack.

– The portable aluminum cookware set complies with food safety standards. All of the materials meet the FDA and LFGB test standards.


DUO Cookware Set for Hiking


Model Number FMC-K7 Material Aluminum
Big Cooking Pot Size Φ170x92mm Volume 1.7L
S Camping Pot Size Φ145×75 mm Volume 1L
Big Fry Pan Size Φ177×39mm Volume 0.9L
Small Fry Pan Size Φ155x40mm Volume 0.5L
Weight 710g Suitable 2-3Persons


– Made of aluminum with a hard anodized finish, which makes it both sturdy and scratch resistant.

– Foldable handles with an orange plastic covering can protect against heat. It also provides a better user experience when cooking.

– The cookware sets include two pots, two fry pans, four bowls, a ladle, and one spoon. The fry pan may also be used as a cover, and it is small and portable.

– All cook pots have LFGB and FDA certifications. So, it’s quite safe and healthful to use.

– All things are easily kept together, and they may be used for a variety of purposes outside. As a result, it’s ideal for outdoor camping, hiking, picnicking, fishing, hunting, trekking, and cycling, among other activities.


Portable lightweight Cookware Set

Model Number FMC-237 Pot Size Φ189x76x222mm,1.2L
Material Aluminum Bowl Size Φ119x52x162mm, 0.26L
Weight 429g Pan Size Φ197x24mm


– This portable cookware consists of one pot, one pan, and one bowl.

– Made of strong anodized aluminum and weighs just 429g. The handy size and form are ideal for lightweight camping.

– Multi-functional for a variety of purposes; the plate can be used as a frying pan with a pot lifter, and the bowl can be used as a coffee cup.

– The concise and compact feature makes you feel like you’re eating at home.

– Designed to replace plastic items and decrease waste in the outdoors.


Manufacturer Supply Portable Camping Hiking Anodizing Aluminum Camp Cook set with PP Dinerware

Model Number FMC-202 Material Aluminum
Fry pan Size Φ177x37mm Coating Hard anodized
M Aluminum Pot Size Φ170x90mm Logo Customized
S Aluminum Pot Size Φ150x75mm Total weight 719g


– The portable camping cookware set includes two cooking pots, one frying pan, two bowls, a spoon, a ladle, and a washing sponge.

– The camping pots and frying pan are constructed of hard anodized aluminum, which makes them both durable and lightweight.

– The Bakelite handles on the pots and frying pan can endure high temperatures. This also allows the user to enjoy a meal without fear of being injured while cooking.

– All bowls and spoons are constructed of food-grade PP, which is environmentally friendly and can be reused for a long time.

– This aluminum camping cookware are verified by LFGB & FDA rest.

– Small cooking pot can be embedded into large camping pot. And all the objects can be put into the aluminum pot for convenient carry.

– From family camping to a weekend hiking trip, those outdoor cooking pots are designed to eliminate the possibility for using in different outdoor condition.

– This aluminum camping cookware are verified by the LFGB and FDA.

– A small cooking pot can be incorporated inside a larger camping pot. And all of the things may be placed in the metal pot for easy transport.

– From family camping to a weekend hiking excursion, these outdoor cooking pots are built to withstand a variety of outdoor conditions.

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