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Back-country Cooking Integrated Canister Stove System
Back-country Cooking Integrated Canister Stove System
Back-country Cooking Integrated Canister Stove System
Back-country Cooking Integrated Canister Stove System
Back-country Cooking Integrated Canister Stove System
Back-country Cooking Integrated Canister Stove System

Back-country Cooking Integrated Canister Stove System


Great canister camping stove system for heating water and prepare meals quickly on the trail.

This outdoor recreation cooking system includes a integrated canister stove, a 1 liter cooking pot. Portable for hiking, trekking and back-country adventures.

The stove base, a 110g gas cartridge can be nested inside the cooking pot for easy carrying.

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product info
Model NumberFMS-X1MaterialAluminum,Stainless Steel
Open SizeΦ128×173mmPower2200w
Folded SizeΦ128×78mmGas TypeButane Propane
Pot Volume1LWeight511g

- This portable outdoor cooking system composed by an integrated stove base and durable aluminum pot.

- The cooking pot is made of hard-anodized aluminum, covered by a thermal insulating neoprene sleeve to protect your hands while keeping food or water warm.

- There’s heat exchanger design on the aluminum pot bottom which can transfers heat more efficiently to achieve fast boiling time and save fuel.

- Fold-able handles are made from sturdy stainless steel with plastic coating can protect the user from hurting by high temperature.

- Stove base of this outdoor back-country cooking system is made of nylon material can withstand heat very well. Built in a piezo ignition to light fire easily, it can also be used as a separate camping stove by adding a pot support option.

- Featured by lightweight, generous volume, fast boiling, easy flame lighting and adjustment, great nest design. This outdoor cooking system is deal for back-country adventures,solo camping or weekend hiking, trekking.


8 fast boiling cooking pot integrated stove system

  • Can I use any pot on this stove base ?

    This stove base is used usually with its compatible heat exchanger pot because of its unique radiant burner design. But you can get a pot support to be placed on the burner top, then the stove base can supports other type of larger pots.

  • What we can do to prevent the canister tipped down to the ground ?

    We can supply a ABS canister stabilizer with this stove system together, so you can cooking on snowfield or uneven ground without worrying.

  • How to ensure the good efficiency of the gas burner under harsh environment ?

    If the user use this radiant stove base directly under moderate wind weather, it may take double time to boiling water. And if this portable camping cook system can be fully enclosed with windscreen, the heat ex-changer system will transfer heat quite efficiently and make 1L water to be boiled around 3'15"minutes.

  • Can you supply customized branding products?

    We welcome customized request on all products, we can change the color, packaging, Logo and even the structure design.

  • What type of fuel can be used for the cook system / stove?

    You can use with the EN417 standard butane & propane mixed gas cartridge such as 110g, 230g & 450g . It’s very easy to get from outdoor store or hardware store.

  • Will a 230g gas canister fit in there with everything else?

    Only a 110g gas canister can be nest into the bowl, then cover the pot by the TPE lid lastly. Just put the burner inside the 1L cooking pot firstly upside down , next put the included bowl up.

  • How to connect to a fuel canister ?

    Ensuring the gas cartridge is kept upright,attach the stove valve by carefully screwing it to the gas cartridge. Be sure not to cross thread on the stove and gas cartridge

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