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Necessary Items for Car Camping

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As the number of car camping continues to increase, camping equipment suitable for self-driving tours has also become very important. There is a big difference between self-driving camping and backpacking. First of all, self-driving camping has vehicles as an important tool and can carry a lot of equipment.

Please refer to the following information for outdoor equipment required for self-driving travel:

Personal wear


1. Windproof and waterproof jacket, warm fleece, sweat-wicking underwear, down underwear (winter), quick-drying clothes (summer), spare underwear


-Mountaineering boots, light sports shoes, slippers, wicking socks, snow cover

Other wear

-hat, thin gloves, warm gloves, sun glasses

Personal equipment supplies:

Large backpack (45-80L), waist bag or shoulder bag, camera bag, waterproof bag


1. Sleeping bag

2. Dirty-separated sleeping liner

3. Tent, insulated mat,Tarp


1. Headlights, flashlights, camping lights, fire-lighters, waterproof matches

Cookware articles

1. Camping Stove, gas tank, cookware set, small steel cup, food

Water articles

1. Outdoor kettle, military kettle, water bag, heat preservation kettle, water purifier,


1.Mobile phone, walkie-talkie, GPS, survival whistle

Other articles

1. Trekking poles

2. Personal hygiene products

3. Backpack rain cover

4. Strapping swing

5. Map

6. Compass