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The most practical way to build a canvas tent

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First, open the canvas tent body packaging bag and frame packaging bag, take out the product packaging sheet and count the number of components. Take out 8 universal rods and the three groups of end frame tees and middle frame tees that have been pressed and fixed with steel wire ropes to form three groups of chevrons and connect them. Take 4 universal rods, end frame tee and middle frame cross to form a frame. Put the whole cotton liner on the three sets of herringbone, adjust the position so that the cotton liner canopy is aligned with the middle pole of the herringbone. Put the outer canopy cover outside the three sets of herringbone cotton inner bladder and adjust the position. Take 6 vertical rods and insert them into the end frame tee and middle frame four-way respectively, and use 6 people to support the canopy at the same time, and connect them with the placed ground rods. Glue the side wall of the cotton liner with the gable wall of the cotton liner with Velcro and adjust the position.

Then, the straps of the vertical poles of the single canopy body are passed through the copper canopy ring of the cotton liner and then tied to the vertical poles. Tighten the straps at all parts, fasten with nylon zippers, adjust the position of the tent, and connect with the rods of the frame. Glue the side walls and gables of the inner tank of the floor tent with Velcro. Drive the triangle pile into the corresponding position on the ground, fix the draw rope, adjust the tightness, and put the rubber-plastic pile head on the end face of the triangle pile. Arrange the tent and bury it around the tent.

During the period, some canvas tents need to be reminded:

First choose the campsite. Spread the inner tent of the tent flat on the ground. Generally, the inner tent is used. However, there are also some who put up the outer tent and hang the inner tent. The principle is to wear the layer of the tent pole and fold it. Take out the tent pole, straighten it section by section, and connect it into a long pole. According to the instructions, pass it into the tent pole cover on the tent. Common tents are cross-threaded.

Of course, the important thing to build a canvas tent is safety. Choose to camp away from cliffs, steep ridges, bushes, open and flat, dry terrain that is easy to drain, which can prevent falling rocks, mountain torrents, torrential rains, and beasts, snakes and rats. Drainage channels should be excavated around the tent, and the opening position of the tent should be selected according to the wind direction. After the tent is set up, the ground nails and the wind rope should be hung.