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Precautions for outdoor camping stoves

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1. Before using the newly-purchased oil furnace, it is best to pour a little fuel into the fuel tank and pour it out after cleaning, so as to prevent the residue left over during manufacturing from blocking the pipeline. When the oil furnace is not used for a long time, pour out the remaining oil in the oil tank, leaving only a small amount of oil.

2. Before each activity, check and try to make sure that there is no problem before taking it out. Don't be in a hurry or even break the cooking when you go to the field.

3. When using, pay attention to whether the ventilation is good. Any appliance with a fire source is very taboo to use in a confined space.

4. The wind deflector is a very good stove accessory, which not only shields the wind but also reflects heat energy to improve the combustion efficiency of the stove. However, it is best not to completely enclose the stove during use. At least one side of the fuel control valve should be opened to prevent the knob of the control valve from being burnt, the safety valve being flushed, or the fuel tank overheated and deformed, and even explosion. In addition, two furnaces are often used when cooking in a large pot. At this time, we must pay more attention to this problem.

5. Each furnace has its designated fuel, which cannot be replaced at will. If scouring oil is used on the furnace, the furnace body may overheat. If kerosene is used in the lamp-type gasoline stove, the oil-carrying capacity of the lamp-core will be reduced. If butane is used on the furnace of EPI, the firepower output will be relatively poor. It may not matter if the oil circuit is blocked or the firepower is deteriorated, but the danger of the furnace disintegration or deflagration cannot be ignored.