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Inflatable tent-a better choice for camping

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Of course, the camping city hopes to prepare less things, but it needs the atmosphere, and it needs to be strong. Inflatable tents are a better choice for camping.

Walking on the soft fine sand, looking at the sea, the sky and water, the breeze is refreshing and refreshing. Wake up in the morning and enjoy the "Chunjiang tide connecting the sea, and the bright moon on the sea coexisting with the tide." In the evening, feel the "falling clouds and lonely birds flying together, and the autumn waters are the same color"

For such a beautiful day, what you need is a multifunctional tent. Ordinary tents can no longer meet our growing needs. For this reason, people have invented inflatable tents that integrate moisture-proof, UV-resistant, convenient molding, light material, small size after dismantling, and convenient carrying.

In the forest

The trees are dense and the stream is gurgling. Feel the bunches of sunshine through the leaves, breathe the free and fresh air, and listen to the unique natural music of the forest.

Compared with ordinary metal tents:

The brackets of ordinary tents are mostly metal, too light will affect the quality, and too heavy will bring burden to transportation. Due to the existence of the pipe bracket, it cannot be packaged freely. It is generally large in size and requires certain transportation requirements, which will bring a burden to tourists who travel and camp. When assembling or disassembling ordinary tents, knowledge of assembly is required, especially the frame connection and the matching of various accessories. Sometimes more assembly personnel are required, which is time-consuming and laborious. If it is a large-scale exhibition, the difficulty factor of the tent is doubled.

The bracket of the inflatable tent is inflatable, which is not only light, but also foldable, and the transportation requirements are not high. The assembly and disassembly are relatively simple, which can save more manpower and time. It can be packed freely, transportation is convenient, and airdrop can be carried out when necessary.