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How to troubleshoot the cassette furnace?

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When the cassette stove is used for a period of time due to external factors such as weather and dust, the flame will become smaller, and sometimes it will not ignite. Then consumers should not blindly disassemble the machine after encountering these problems. Experts address these common problems as We have made a detailed answer. If you have any problems with the cassette furnace, please pay attention to it:  

What measures should be taken when the cassette fire is used for hours? 

The normal flame of the cassette furnace is light blue, the flame inside the flame is clear, the height is about 60mm, there is a slight noise, and the firepower is strong. If the flame is small, the reasons and elimination methods are as follows:  

1) The fire hole of the burner cover is blocked by dirt, which prevents the mixed gas from the burner from flowing out, and cleans the fire hole dirt. 

2) The nozzle is blocked, unscrew the nozzle and clean it. 

3) The air inlet and nozzle of the regulator are blocked by rust, which prevents the gas from flowing out of the cylinder. Replace a qualified regulator. 

4). The copper pipe is obstructed when it is folded flat, and the copper pipe should be straightened or replaced. 

5). In addition, the gas is about to be used up, and the valve is not fully opened and other reasons should be paid attention to, and corresponding measures can be taken to solve it. 

Is it normal for the cassette stove to be prosperous? Why is the cassette stove booming? 

The booming cassette furnace is mainly caused by the following reasons:  

1) Reasons for gas: When there is too much moisture or impurities in the combustion gas, the color of the flame will be red. 

2) The cause of dust: When there is dust in the house or when cooking vegetables, the moisture and gas in the air increase, it is also prone to prosperous fire. 

3) Reason for the air door: This situation may also occur when the air door is not well adjusted. 

4). Reasons for the pot holder: The enamel on the pot holder turns red when heated at high temperature. Because of the special material of the enamel, the flame around the pot holder will be red, which is the color of metal ions at high temperature. 

Therefore, the red fire during burning is not caused by a problem with the stove, but caused by the above-mentioned reasons, which will not affect normal use and cause harm to human health. 

What should I do when the cassette stove has not caught fire? 

If you encounter a gas stove that does not catch fire, you should check it according to the following procedures:

First, check whether the air source switch is in the on state. If it is in the on state, then secondly, check whether the connecting copper pipe is flattened or bent. If it is not flattened or bent, then, finally, Pick up the pot holder to see if there is fire at the ignition nozzle:  

1) If there is no fire, check whether the discharge needle discharges a. If the discharge needle does not discharge, it means that the discharge needle is faulty and the discharge needle should be replaced. b. If the discharge needle discharges, it means that a part of the gas path is blocked or the valve body is faulty, and the valve body should be replaced. 

2) If there is a fire: a. If it can burn normally, it means that the position of the igniter is too high. You should instruct the user to gently press the igniter down a few times, and then put it on the pot holder. b. If there is a fire, but the flame is too weak to reach the burner head, the gas pressure is too low, it may be that the gas cylinder is almost used up or the regulating valve has malfunctioned c. If there is a fire, and the flame can reach the fire cover, But if it does not catch fire, it means that the valve body is blocked, and the user is instructed to clear the nozzle with a thin wire.