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How to choose a hiking bag

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How to choose a mountaineering bag? As long as you choose a mountaineering bag according to the following criteria, it is definitely not a problem to choose a suitable mountaineering bag. Let me introduce the following points in detail. .

1. The needs of the purpose. First of all, it depends on the purpose of your bag. For example, if you want to use it for rock climbing, there is a rock climbing bag that is very soft and fits the body and has a lot of hooks; if you want to ride, it can be unfolded on both sides and can be backed. Packed camel bag; if you just want to travel, a retractable and sliding trolley suitcase is also a good choice; of course, the bag that is usually collectively referred to as mountaineering bag refers to the kind that can be used to carry a lot of materials, and it is easy and comfortable to carry Field travel bag.

2. Identification of materials. Knowing what we are going to use for, then the material of the bag is our next consideration. As we all know, we buy bags for travel or outdoor hiking. If there is an accident or embarrassment because of the bad material, the gain is not worth the loss. Today's mountaineering bags are roughly made of the following materials:

Nylon: light, strong, elastic and tough, and bright in color, and some with waterproof coating treatment can also be waterproof and rainproof. Many advantages have become the first choice of many friends; Oxford: strong, anti-wear, deep and low-key, Suitable for some travel friends who like nostalgia and wandering; canvas: Although canvas material is already a sunset yellow flower in the mountaineering bag industry, its straight shape and cheap price have won the preference of some travel friends.

3. Backpack system structure. Do you still remember our backpacks when we were young? Does the back pain cause back pain and shoulder pain after a long back, so we choose mountaineering bags, structural design is also very important, usually sellers will also introduce in detail on this point, it should be noted that because different people have different habits, so for The comfort of the same bag is also different, so I am not too long-winded at this point. In addition to accumulating experience, it is also a good choice to read other people's reviews.

4. The choice of capacity. Okay, the first three items are estimated to have allowed you to choose the style and even the brand. Then, the next thing to look at is the capacity. Don’t think "bigger than small", because that will not only make you spend more Wrong money, free space will also affect your carrying comfort, and even loose materials will cause you trouble. Don’t make a small bag for the sake of being cool, and give up some equipment because you can’t put it down. If you are embarrassed or even dangerous, my suggestion is: under the premise that all equipment can be put down, try not to be too big, because in the donkey line, our bags must be lighter and lighter rather than heavier. .

5. The choice of color. Today's outdoor products are becoming more and more colorful and colorful. This is not a "tide", but a need, because after all, outdoor is a sport with a dangerous coefficient. Bright colors will give you more chances of being rescued in danger. , So don’t choose dark colors, especially camouflage colors, because of your low-key or playing cool. Maybe a small inadvertent detail will make you safe.